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3 Simple Pleasures

When you are forced to slow down;

When you cannot do all the things you desire;simple pleasures quote - Wilde

Yearning and pining will only bring a frown…

But beauty and joy still abound, when to simple pleasures I aspire!

Today, what little things brought me a smile?

1). A van covered in a Virgin Media logo stopped to let me cross the road – this was unexpected from a vehicle with such a corporate, loaded name on it. But what a great reminder that there was of course a nice guy inside, doing his job like we all do, and moving slowly enough through his day to be aware of pedestrians around him. Nice.

2). A young woman climbed out of a red Royal Mail post van, wearing the obligatory red T-shirt (her uniform), and also with matching bright red hair! Made me chuckle. So dedicated to her job? A good injection of bright colour into my day.

3). Conversing with my cat (not in the same language), but we managed…Simple-pleasures

I even have a 4th,

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