A Bit About Me and This Blog

I am Jo. I was generally a happy, positive person at age 31, the doctors told me I have chronic back pain. This is due to a disc prolapse, which isn’t worth a discectomy (a disc removal operation), or worth ‘trimming’ off. I am still mostly happy and positive, but as chronic pain sufferers reading this will know, that becomes more of a challenge to maintain.

I entered the blogging world for the first time, because I wanted to share some of the knowledge I’ve accrued about back health, – from posture and muscle names, to remedies and proactive, inner healing methods, – in case it helps anyone else out there, as well share the positive things my body has been teaching me. And also as a means to explore and better understand the connection between my mind and body.

Now I’m 32, and I haven’t really  succeeded in doing that, so now it’s more of a space for sharing my poems. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment!


2 thoughts on “A Bit About Me and This Blog

  1. Hi Jo,
    Thank you for sharing your blog with me… I’m reading your poems whilst sitting and watching a thunderstorm around me in the forests of Dambulla in Sri Lanka. Your words are very powerful, I had no idea what you’ve had to go through! Though it makes me wonder why you have stopped posting your poems? There is so much beauty in this world and your experience makes me want to appreciate them more… You are a brave woman! I can only hope that you find some respite in the near future.


  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for your comment. WOW! Sri Lanka – I hope you are having a fantastic time. I actually felt embarrassed about sharing my blog with a colleague (or ex-colleague now!), and didn’t mean to – I just wanted to save your blog to check out your baking recipes! Then I realised what I’d done by pressing ‘follow’! haha! 😉 I’m still quite new to all this and haven’t posted regularly as you’ve seen. Anyway, no harm done and thanks for the positive feedback – yes it hasn’t been easy feeling so limited and dealing with chronic pain.
    I don’t write the poems very frequently either, only when they arise, no point in forcing them! But they might be more to come… Good luck with your future baking and career-related endeavours Sam . Stay well x

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