Beyond a fragile body

These days, I am tired of old friends swiftly following their greetings to me with the concerned question: ” How is your back?”. Obviously, I am actually very appreciative of having such kind friends and would have found myself lying horizontal and immobile and starving and thirsty at some point were it not for them 😉   But the point I am making is that chronic pain sufferers are much more than that! I am sure healthy people get tired of listening to those with long term health conditions go on about the state of their bodies. But deep down, with some thought, they can appreciate that it is easy to become obsessed with our condition, or slave to it, simply because it can control our lives and activities much more that we’d like, and of course this can affect our identify, self-confidence and enjoyment of life.

But, please everyone out there with a long-term condition, remember that we are so much more that our condition! Inside fragile bodies rich identities are to be found, multi-layered people abounding with talented, beautiful souls.


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