3 Simple Pleasures

When you are forced to slow down;

When you cannot do all the things you desire;simple pleasures quote - Wilde

Yearning and pining will only bring a frown…

But beauty and joy still abound, when to simple pleasures I aspire!

Today, what little things brought me a smile?

1). A van covered in a Virgin Media logo stopped to let me cross the road – this was unexpected from a vehicle with such a corporate, loaded name on it. But what a great reminder that there was of course a nice guy inside, doing his job like we all do, and moving slowly enough through his day to be aware of pedestrians around him. Nice.

2). A young woman climbed out of a red Royal Mail post van, wearing the obligatory red T-shirt (her uniform), and also with matching bright red hair! Made me chuckle. So dedicated to her job? A good injection of bright colour into my day.

3). Conversing with my cat (not in the same language), but we managed…Simple-pleasures

I even have a 4th,

… just for those who clicked to ‘read more’ (hehe):

4). A girl was giving a comment on an exercise in my evening class tonight. When she finished, loud and enthusiastic applause erupted from the room next door. The timing was just perfect! It made us giggle and this broke the ice. It felt good to laugh with new classmate/ strangers.

I’d like to know what made you smile today? Because it seems to me the more little glimmers we can spot, the less we constantly strive for big kicks, and much the better I think.


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